Queen of the Keys

A show by renowned pianist, Melissa Buchholz

Queen of the Keys is a show by renowned pianist Melissa Buchholz. It features songs from artists such as Richard Clayderman, Liberace, Abba, Coldplay and more. The evolution of piano music is the basis of the show as the narrative works its way from Bach to Billy Joel. You will be dazzled by the virtuosic playing and equally inspired by the custom backing tracks created by Melissa to provide orchestral accompaniment.

Queen of the Keys is a must-see show for music lovers, piano enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a night of unforgettable entertainment. Melissa Buchholz truly reigns supreme as the Queen of the Keys, delivering a performance that will leave you in awe and inspired.

Queen of the Keys

Queen of the Keys is in two acts and has an audio visual component that adds yet another layer to this entertaining and episodic show.

In the first act, Melissa takes the audience on a journey through classical piano music, showcasing the technical brilliance of composers like Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin. She seamlessly transitions into more contemporary piano music, highlighting the innovation and diversity of artists like Elton John, Alicia Keys, and John Legend.

The second act of the show delves into the world of pop and rock piano, with Melissa bringing to life the iconic sounds of Billy Joel, Elton John, and Queen. The audience is treated to a mix of familiar favorites and lesser-known gems, all played with Melissa’s signature flair and precision.

Throughout the show, Melissa’s passion for the piano shines through, as she effortlessly switches styles and genres, demonstrating the versatility and power of the instrument. Her dynamic stage presence and engaging storytelling create a captivating experience for audiences of all ages.

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